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Cleansing is an often neglected step in our skincare routines. It seems basic enough, splash on some water, work in some facial cleanser, rinse and voilà, you are ready to go! However, if you are after clear and hydrated looking skin, makeup artist, Jung Saem Mool, reveals that the purpose of cleansing is not only to wash the skin, but also to cleanse skin wastes and harmful substances while keeping the skin hydrated.

She suggests cleansing the skin by using optimized ‘water’, for instance, the 3 facial cleansing products that she has formulated – Essential Mool Cleansing Foam, Essential Mool Cleansing Oil and Essential Mool Cleansing Water.

Here, Miss Jung demystifies the 7 cleansing tips to having a hydrated and clear skin.

1. Thoroughly and deeply cleanse the pores.

Residue and skin wastes can clog pores in the skin, causing skin problems. To deeply cleanse the pores, choose a cleansing product with small particles such as the Jung Saem Mool Essential Mool Cleansing range. These cleansing products contain micro hydrogen water, which has smaller particles than water, thus allowing the pores to be cleansed thoroughly.

2. Exfoliating is a must.

Unnecessary dead skin cells that build up on the skin surface can cause blockage of the pores and make the skin rough. Try using the Jung Saem Mool Essential Mool Cleansing range as they contain natural enzymes which gently exfoliates the skin, thus revealing soft and supple skin.

3. Keep the skin hydrated.

Using facial cleansers that are too harsh can strip moisture away from the skin. Instead, opt for a moisturizing facial cleanser. One key ingredient in the Jung Saem Mool Essential Mool Cleansing range is pure mineral spring water which helps to keep the skin supple and moisturized while cleansing.

4. Retain moisture in the skin.

After cleansing, moisture in the skin constantly evaporates, which can cause the skin to age. To effectively seal moisture in the skin, the Jung Saem Mool Cleansing range contains fermented pearl extracts that creates a basic moisture barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating, thus keeping the skin hydrated and supple.

5. Cleanse the skin mildly.

It is a bad practice to rub the skin too aggressively, and that applies to rinsing excessively as well. While cleansing twice a day is optimal for your skin, going overboard with rubbing and rinsing can cause the skin to be stressed and sensitive. As such, try using a cleansing product with fine particles to minimize friction with the skin, and wash off gently with water without irritation. The Jung Saem Mool Essential Mool Cleansing range has a water-like texture which minimizes irritation when cleansing.

6. Ensure balance in the skin.

Many may not know this, but it is recommended to choose a weakly acidic cleanser to keep the skin balanced. With a weakly acidic formula at pH 5.5, the Jung Saem Mool Essential Mool Cleansing range helps to balance the oil and moisture in the skin, hence preventing skin problems.

7. Cleanse safely.

Our skin is greatly affected by the external environment like changes in weather and air pollution. Hence, it is important to take the external factor in consideration when choosing a product.

Facial cleansing is not as simple as you thought it would be, isn’t it? Fret not, the Jung Saem Mool Essential Mool Cleansing range has all the steps summarized into a bottle in 3 different consistencies – foam, oil and water, for you to have a fuss-free facial cleansing routine.


Other than facial cleansing, safeguarding the skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays is an equally important, yet easily neglected step in the everyday beauty routine. UV rays are always present, no matter rain or shine, and are the cause of skin aging, dark spots and skin cancer.

The Jung Saem Mool Skin Setting Tone Balancing Base and Skin Setting Tone-up Sun Base protect the skin from UV rays while evening out and brightening the skin tone, allowing you to achieve a simple no makeup look instantly. If you prefer a makeup base without the UV rays protection property, the Jung Saem Mool Skin Setting Smoothing Base is an all in one solution. It controls excessive oil production and smoothens out the skin texture, thus helping the makeup last longer especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Both Jung Saem Mool Essential Cleansing range and Skin Setting range are available at escentials ION, escentials Paragon, escentials Tangs and escentials.com

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