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Flora Drip 160ML

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Ageless beauty by MYURAT™
An all-purpose anti-ageing skin essence for all ageing skin trouble, including sagginess, dullness and dryness.
It is formulated with ALBION's unique ingredient, MYURAT™, which is a product of fermentation of five types of carefully curated herbs with pure white koji using ALBION's powerful fermentation technology.

- Hyper anti-ageing benefits
Anti-ageing fermented essence 'MYURAT™' containing high concentrations of multiple active substances permeates the skin to effectively approach long-term cell damage, thereby comprehensively addressing skin-ageing concerns.

- Mellow texture reflecting highly condensed richness
Once applied, the milky-white, viscous product permeates the skin as if drawn into it, generously hydrating the skin to make it feel immediately brighter and more supple, as if reborn.

- “Effective Herbal” fragrance
The aroma of five medicinal herbs relaxes and soothes the mind.


Take an appropriate amount on the palm or a cotton pad, and work in well over the entire face.

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