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Treatment Cream

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Product Highlights
  1. 99% naturally derived ingredients

"Brings out healthy inherent strength while protecting the skin from triggering factors."

This cream boosts the skin’s defense mechanism by bringing out its inherent strength to defend.
It spreads effortlessly, locking in well-replenished moisture while guarding against particulate matter floating in the air, leaving the skin silky smooth.
Rich moisture permeates throughout the skin, invigorating the defense mechanism and reinforcing the strength to ward off triggering factors.


  1. Take an adequate amount (2 large pearl sized amounts) into the palm of your hand using a spatula.
  2. Place on 5 spots along the center line.
  3. Gently apply to the entire face by moving both hands in a heart-shaped motion, from the bottom (tip of the chin) to the top and from the center to the sides. Massage from the outer parts along the contours of the face, and work your way to the neck.
    Helpful tip
    Reapply to areas that are prone to dryness.
  4. Wrap the face with both hands and gently press the skin to allow the cream to penetrate while breathing slowly and steadily.



At THREE, we believe true beauty lies in living with a positive, open attitude, respecting both the precious blessings of the natural world and oneself as a part of nature.

THREE HOLISTIC CARE evokes the gifts from plants that exceed human senses such as essential oils to restore the natural power of the body that may be weakened by environmental factors of the modern society. We consider mind, body and skin together as a whole, and bring you the feeling that reaches the “instinct” of beauty.



99% naturally derived ingredients

Essential oils:
Laurel leaf oil / Frankincense oil / Rosemary oil / Geranium oil

Plant oils and fats:
Jojoba oil / Olive oil / Crambe abyssinica seed oil / Tea seed oil / Meadowfoam oil / Watermelon seed oil / Argan oil / Beeswax

Alpine rose extract / Tephrosia purpurea seed extract / Yeast extract / Prickly pear extract / Rosa rugosa fruit extract

Botanical water & mineral water:
Hot spring water / Lavender water / White rose flower water

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