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  2. 2 PROGRAMMES: 1. "detox", anti-fatigue 2. anti-wrinkles, lifting

Time control + is an anti-aging cosmetic device specifically for the eye contour. Patented, this device combines 2 independent and complementary programmes:
Programme 1: « detoxifying »: smooths, decongests and illuminates the eye contour
Progamme 2: regenerating: anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firming, anti-inflammaging, "lifting"

TIME CONTROL + combines 2 avant-garde technologies:
1. Light Therapy - LED
Inspired by NASA Research, we discovered that each wavelength has a specific cosmetic benefit that has been proven and identified.
• Pulsatile orange light (590 nm): anti-wrinkle.
• Red light (630 nm): anti-redness.
• Green light (525 nm): anti-blemishes.

2. Electrostimulation
Highlighted by two co-laureates of the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 1991. It is a gentle diffusion of electrical impulses with the following effects: “lifting”, firming, toning, radiance boost, calming.
They maximise the potential of the action of light on the skin.
1. "lifting", firming: reduces wrinkles and firms the skin
2. decongesting: stimulates microcirculation and reduces under-eye bags
They maximise the potential of the action of light on the skin.

+ Ionotherapy:
1. reverse ionophoresis: imperceptible microcurrent that helps “detoxify” the epidermis
2. ionophoresis: enhances the penetration of cosmetic products


1. Turn on the device by pressing the start button. A blue light appears. 2. Select the mode you want: PROGRAMME 1: « detoxifying » : the green start button light turns on. PROGRAMME 2: regenerating: the orange start button light turns on. 3. The programme starts on contact with the skin, make sure your fingers touch the electrodes. PROGRAMME 1: duration 1 minute. PROGRAMME 2: duration 45 seconds. 4. Automatic termination. To turn off the device, hold the start button for 2 seconds. If during use the device catches your skin, moisten your skin. Remove jewellery (such as piercings) from the application area before use. Store the device in a cool, dry place. Clean the unit with a damp cloth. To charge: when the battery is low, the start button glows red; connect the USB cable to a power source using the cable that came with the device. When charging, the start button flashes red and glows green when fully charged. Make sure your fingers touch the hand electrode (the gold-plated part), then touch the part of the face to be treated with the front electrode (gold-plated triangle). The light and the vibrations will begin. If the device is used continuously for a long time, it may heat up slightly, this is not a fault. For the device to function, it is necessary for there to be contact between the fingers and the gold plated areas: the device has been ergonomically designed so that this happens naturally without having to think about it. The head of the device is gold plated. We strongly recommend that sufferers of epilepsy, photophobes, users of pacemakers, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and those who have given birth within the preceding 6 months should avoid using this product.


At TALIKA, every product is a living entity that has a date of birth, a reason for being and a destiny. Born of the romance between a researcher and nature, the mysteries of which he explored and tried to decipher, each creation is the outcome of innovation. TALIKA has drawn on inspiration from the treasures of the living world, since 1948, to develop imaginative treatments that allow every woman to radiate her natural beauty at every step of her life.

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