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B.A Milk Foam
B.A Milk Foam
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B.A Milk Foam

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Seamless beauty, from every angle.
The new POLA B.A MILK FOAM is a foam-type skin-tightening emulsion integrating the effect of a serum to achieve tight and firm skin.
It is enriched with the "Vantaging Foam Formulation," our new formulation made of a foam-type emulsion that combines two types of polymers and two types of gases to create a rich, gentle foam with smooth and comfortable texture that spreads over the skin to form a skin-tightening veil.


- Use in the morning and night after lotion and serum. 
- Shake the bottle well (5 to 10 times) before use. 
- Bring the bottle close to your palm and hold it upright to take a 2.5cm/1.0 inch diameter amount
- Without breaking the foam on the hand*, place it on the forehead and the cheeks. Avoid the area around the eyes and spread it from the inside out in the wide areas of the forehead and cheeks. Blend as if to gently lift the entire cheek area.
- Hold for three seconds to allow the skin to memorise the resilience
- Envelop the entire face with your palms for firm adherence. 

Pro-tip to achieve tight and firm skin: 
- Make a fist and use the flat area of the joints to massage your masseter^ in a circular motion, moving from the front to the back as if relieving the stress. (8 times)
- Slide your thumb and index finger down the face line, and lightly push the bottom of the ears, before stroking down toward the collarbones.
- Use the entire palm area to gently pull up the cheeks towards the template, as if to memorize the resilience. 

* For those who are sensitive to the stimulating feeling of the gas inside the foam, please break the foam with your palm before applying to the face.
^ The part that moves when you clench your teeth



POLA originates from Japan and uses over 19 million skin data points to scientifically create the most groundbreaking and awarded skincare products. Formed in 1929 by a founder who created products to protect his much loved wife’s skin, the brand lives its “Science.Art.Love” philosophy.

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