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Balancing Full Body Emulsion R - escentials.com

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Balancing Full Body Emulsion R

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Loosen, relax and release for hydrated, supple skin with the Balancing Full Body Emulsion.

The body is a mirror to reflect the lifestyle and way of life of a woman.

Breathe in deeply as if you are surrounded by the forests, the blend of essential oils embraces, loosens and relaxes your entire body which is easily affected by the surrounding environment and delivered the optimal moisture balance to your skin.



At THREE, we believe true beauty lies in living with a positive, open attitude, respecting both the precious blessings of the natural world and oneself as a part of nature.

THREE HOLISTIC CARE evokes the gifts from plants that exceed human senses such as essential oils to restore the natural power of the body that may be weakened by environmental factors of the modern society. We consider mind, body and skin together as a whole, and bring you the feeling that reaches the “instinct” of beauty.

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